Associate Professor Ts Dr Muhammad Helmi Norman is currently the Deputy Director of Instructional Technologies of the Center for Teaching and Curriculum Development, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and currently drives the e-learning transformation in the university. He is also an Associate Professor at the Research Center for Teaching and Learning Innovations, Faculty of Education and was the Assistant Dean of Teaching and Citra (cross-curricular studies) at the faculty and initiated the faculty’s fourth industrial revolution initiatives. His research interest is in the field of digital and futuristic education. 


He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Professional Learning Specialist where he is involved in educational transformations at primary, secondary, and higher education levels. He is an advocate and influencer of digital and futuristic education at both national and global landscapes across Europe and Asia and has given keynote addresses, talks, and workshops in this field. Notably, he was appointed as a master trainer for training lecturers and professors in higher education nationwide in the Educator 4.0 project, to develop education technology champions among professors and lecturers nationwide. He is also a certified Professional Technologist of the Malaysian Board of Technologists and a member of the Malaysia e-Learning Council for Public Universities (MEIPTA). 


Dr Helmi's global experience includes his appointment on the board of directors of the International Association for Blended Learning, which pioneers blended learning initiatives around the globe. He has also been attached at global research institutions, where was attached to the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, University of California San Diego, USA, to study research on computational neuroscience; the Bournemouth University Human Computer Interaction Group, United Kingdom, where he collaborated in research on digital health; and Center for Driven Innovation, Learning and Design (eLL), Aalborg University, Denmark, to study on participatory innovation. 


He has also published numerous books, journal articles, and conference proceedings in the field of digital and futuristic education and notably published a book entitled “The Impact of MOOC on Distance Education in Malaysia and Beyond” with leading scholars from Canada, Austria, Denmark, and Malaysia. He is also the pioneer of “dronagogy” in designing futuristic education with drone-based learning. 

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